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Margaret always likes to have her way, and will stop at nothing to accomplish her dreams–no matter how big or small…or dangerous. Margaret will discover that escaping cat dragons is not so easy by herself, and sometimes the greatest thing we can have is a family that cares.
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A Note from the Author
For Queens that Say Please, I drew two pictures with the same characters:  Margaret and her brothers playing Queen of the Land.  I imagined her saying, “Go forth my noble steeds,” and “You two will be my toad minions.”  And I said, there is a story here.  So I drew the pictures for to tell a story.  Then, I wrote the words until I got them just right.  I wanted everyone to relate to Margaret and her brothers, and see that there were several lessons in their story.  It is definitely a story about character and how characters can change and grow.  I also wanted to use cool vocabulary words that would make my reader’s think.