We’re on Youtube!!!!!!

SO….I finally made the plunge and committed to posting one video a week on Youtube.  🙂  Crazy, huh?

I am mostly just going to time lapse drawings until I get requests for what to draw next….

Check out my latest video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys8GZF3Ndm8&t=13s  <—- Click the link! Or Check it out Below!


Here is what I drew!  I am really getting into the Hell Boy Series, and I just found out there will be a new Hell Boy next Year.  Are you excited to see the new Hell Boy???


Hell Boy Fan Art
Hell Boy Loves Cats!



What I’ve Been Up to…..

Finally!!!!  Summer is here!  I have enjoyed my first two weeks off!!!!  I have a two week training for work starting tomorrow, but I am dedicating my summer to my art.

That being said …… check out these pins and earring I am working on!  I am in the process of up loading them to my square store 🙂   I will post a Link in a New Tab.

So cute!